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Andrew Fletcher
23 Nov 2020
The magically descriptive error 401 Forbidden "message": "Access denied on creating field 'uid'.".  You probably can sense the love I have for this error.  This was a painful error that took a little while to resolve.  First off I also had this error display as: "Access denied on creating field 'uid' "Access denied on creating field 'name' "Access denied on creating field 'entity_id' And I would have had more if I continued down the resolution path I was on.  Anyway something had to change...
Andrew Fletcher
12 Nov 2020
If you are like me you probably have searched for clues to and found little......
Andrew Fletcher
15 Jul 2017
In Drupal 8.x hiding the subject line is a quick task. In the admin area of...
Andrew Fletcher
29 Apr 2017
You have been working hard on getting comments being added (POST) through REST...
Andrew Fletcher
28 Apr 2017
For others that have spent countless hours getting this to work and are...