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You have been working hard on getting comments being added (POST) through REST in Drupal 8.  However, now you are seeing the following Assigning the wrong user against a new comment - and most likely the new comment is being assigned to the site admin.  

The error here is related to the _embedded uuid.

What to do

You need to check that you have the correct uuid for both the entity_id and the uid

  • entity_id - "http://example.local/rest/relation/comment/comment/entity_id";
  • uid - "http://example.local/rest/relation/comment/comment/uid"


  "_embedded": {
    "http://example.local/rest/relation/comment/comment/entity_id": [{
        "uuid": [{"value": "8795cd5d-d223-4cad-9373-605c8ffac10f"}]
    "http://example.local/rest/relation/comment/comment/uid": [{
        "uuid": [{"value": "a8c95c05-4546-4c7b-def5-fed7a4c5beca"}]

Want to see the request body in full - go to Drupal 8 REST POST comments

Testing this, I found that you can change the entity_id value (in this example 2) then the line becomes


so the entity_id is set to the correct node.nid value that you want to comment posted too.  If the uuid points to a different entity_id then the comment will be assigned to entity of the uuid in the _embedded area.  

This also applies to the "http://example.local/rest/relation/comment/comment/uid"