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Reviewing CKAN extensions and listing the extensions that have been created / modified in the past three years/

Extension Last update URL
AGLS metadata extension for CKAN 9 Dec 2021
Archive CKAN resources 27 Apr 2022
CKAN plugin for the B2Find Service 21 Jul 2022
Line, bar and pie charts for CKAN 20 Fed 2020
Easy bulk access to CKAN datasets, on Windows, MacOS and Linux 19 Jun 2022
A stand-alone service to pack a given CKAN resource in a ZIP file and email the link to a user 13 jun 2022
R client for CKAN RESTful API 20 Feb 2021
Multilingual metadata fields (validators, template snippets and ckanext-scheming support) 10 Aug 2022
data 8 Aug 2022
CKAN extension for graph views, with data processing moved to the backend 25 Apr 2022
Remote harvesting extension for CKAN 11 Aug 2022
CKAN extension for data 30 Aug 2022
Simple CMS (create web pages in CKAN) 5 Apr 2022
PDF viewer for CKAN >= 2 9 Apr 2022
CKAN extension that that allows to create protected datasets which can be accessed by a list of users included in an access list 18 Mar 2020
Create datastore tables for organizations and provide combined output 13 Jul 2022
Scheming- Easy, sharable custom CKAN schemas 10 Aug 2022
Sitemap search engine support for CKAN 9 Jan 2021
Geospatial extension for CKAN 24 Aug 2022
CKAN plugin to allow users with 'member' role within an organization to create/edit/delete their own datasets 9 Mar 2021
Interactive data visualizer 23 Apr 2021


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