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If your Composer project doesn't have Drush listed as a dependency, you can install Drush from command line as follows:

composer require drush/drush

To check your version of Drush, use

drush --version


Status check

drush status

Will output something similar to

 Drupal version   : 9.1.6                             
 Site URI         : http://default                    
 DB driver        : mysql                             
 DB hostname      : mysql                             
 DB port          : 3306                              
 DB username      : your_username                              
 DB name          : drupal                            
 Database         : Connected                         
 Drupal bootstrap : Successful                        
 Default theme    : bartik                            
 Admin theme      : seven                             
 PHP binary       : /usr/local/bin/php                
 PHP config       : /usr/local/etc/php/php.ini        
 PHP OS           : Linux                             
 Drush script     : /app/vendor/drush/drush/drush     
 Drush version    : 10.4.3                            
 Drush temp       : /tmp                              
 Drush configs    : /home/icon/.drush/drush.yml       
 Install profile  : standard                          
 Drupal root      : /app/web                          
 Site path        : sites/default                     
 Files, Public    : sites/default/files               
 Files, Temp      : /tmp  

Have you configured Drush alias

drush site:alias

  root: /var/www/
  user: idev
    drush-script: /var/www/your-domain/vendor/drush/drush/drush

Update database, if any required database updates are needed

drush updatedb or updb


Whereas, copying a remote database to a local best to use drush sql:sync command

drush sql:sync @dev @self

The command above copies the database from the site with the alias 'dev' to the local site alias 'self'.


Clear the cache

drush cache-rebuild or cr


Change the password of a user

drush user:password {username} "{password}"

Change {username} and {password} respectively.

drush user:password administrator "admin"


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