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Run the NPX commands to update the app

npm run build && npx cap sync

Run app with live reload

ionic cap run {platform} -l --external

Replace {platform} with Android or iOS depending on your environment as follows

Android android
iOS ios

To open in Android

ionic cap run android -l --external

You'll be prompted to select a emulator (depending what you have loaded)

? Which device would you like to target?
  Pixel 3 API 31 (emulator) (Pixel_3_API_31)
  Pixel 5 API 27 (emulator) (Pixel_5_API_27)
  Pixel 5 API 30 (emulator) (Pixel_5_API_30)
  Pixel 5 API 31 (emulator) (Pixel_5_API_31)
❯ Pixel 5 API 33 (emulator) (Pixel_5_API_33)


Generate a release APK without opening Android Studio

ionic capacitor copy android --prod && cd android && ./gradlew assembleRelease && cd ..

Generate a debug APK without opening Android Studio

ionic capacitor copy android && cd android && ./gradlew assembleDebug && cd ..

Generate icons & splash screen in a top-level resources folder within your project, like so:

   ├── icon.png
   └── splash.png

Run the following command:

cordova-res ios --skip-config --copy
cordova-res android --skip-config --copy

Or without specifying the platform:

cordova-res --skip-config --copy

How to build and run APK directly on the device from CLI

ionic capacitor copy android && cd android && ./gradlew assembleDebug && ./gradlew installDebug && cd ..

Open app using Android Studio or Xcode

npx cap open {platform}

As per notes earlier, replace {platform} with the respective environment you are targeting.  So to open in Android Studio

npx cap open android


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