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If you have a situation where either you have forgotten a Keystore password or change of developers and the password wasn't sent across.... what to do?  However, your app lives on and needs to be updated!


Possible solutions

This is a great starting point.  Have a look in your android/ file.  Unfortunately, the android/ directory didn't exist and I had to run the command prompt to generate.  So no password!

signingConfigs {
    release {
        // These must be set or Gradle will complain (even if they are overridden).
        keyAlias = ""
        keyPassword = ""
        storeFile = null
        storePassword = ""

But as you can see, this file didn't exist so contains a null value.


When searching for the password, the term is 


Otherwise, try



Didn't find your password?

Well, I didn't find the password.  So the next step for me was to go to the 'Lost or compromised upload key?' page (


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