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phpcs issue in Visual Studio Code, I'm receiving this warning in VS Code:

phpcs: Unable to locate phpcs. Please add phpcs to your global path or use composer decency manager to install it in your project locally.


How to fix

You can install phpcs by using composer global command:

composer global require squizlabs/php_codesniffer

Then in VS Code, go to 

Click Code -> Preferences -> Settings

Select User Settings and locate 'PHP CodeSniffer', or in the Search settings enter 'codesniffer'

Scroll down to 'Executatble Path' and add the following


Remember to replace {yourname} with machine user name


Different issue, similar problem

Now the issue is

phpcs: Unable to locate phpcs. Command failed: /Users/{your name}/.composer/vendor/bin


How to fix

Restart VS Code

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