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Andrew Fletcher
07 Sep 2022
If your Composer project doesn't have Drush listed as a dependency, you can install Drush from command line as follows: composer require drush/drush To check your version of Drush, use drush --version   Status check drush status Will output something similar to Drupal version : 9.1.6 Site URI : http://default DB driver : mysql DB hostname : mysql DB...
Andrew Fletcher
17 May 2022
How do you rebuild node access permissions using CLI? To rebuild permissions...
Andrew Fletcher
16 May 2022
These steps are for Drupal 8 and 9.   Export your database Order here is...
Andrew Fletcher
14 Apr 2022
Attempting to update the database, irrespective whether I run update.php or...
Andrew Fletcher
10 Feb 2022
Is Docker installed? Check if your installation is ok and spin up Docker as...
Andrew Fletcher
05 Jan 2022
Having Drupal Solr Search APi running, I thought adding synonyms to the mix would be a smooth process.   Install synonym module I cam across a synonym module created by Jens Beltofte - Search API Synonym.  Working on a Drupal 9.3.x installation, this module needs to be accessed via Git Search API Synonym, There are lots of great tips as you work through the installation, depending on what version of Drupal and Drush you are using.   Drush commands Once you have worked through the steps,...
Andrew Fletcher
22 Nov 2021
Using Composer to Manage Projects and if required their dependencies In this...