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Working in Lando and you have hit the situation where you need to view the log files.  Where?  How?

Lando has several log layers to assist in diagnosing many of the issues you might encounter.


Install Logs

Failed installation?  Find logs in the following locations:

macOS - /var/log/install.log
Linux - Differs per system but check common apt or dnf/yum logs


Runtime Logs

Runtime?  Check:

macOS/LINUX - ~/.lando/logs

There should be core lando logs called lando-error.log and a more robust lando.log. There should also be error and verbose logs associated with each of your applications eg myapp.log and myapp-error.log.  My list currently includes:

  • lando-error.log
  • lando.log
  • own-app.log


Run the failing command again in verbose mode. You can pass in -v, -vv, -vvv or -vvvv to toggle the level of verbosity. You can also edit your global config to set the default console log level.

Container Logs - view the lando logs command for more information

lando logs -s SOME_SERVICE


Troubleshooting - use Docker commands directly or use

lando ssh

lando info --deep command

List all my containers

docker ps --all

List all lando containers

docker ps --filter label=io.lando.container=TRUE --all

List all containers for a particular app

docker ps --all | grep appname

Inspect a container

docker inspect appname_service_1

Check out the logs for a container

docker logs appname_service_1

Attach to a container (this is like SSHing)

docker exec -i -t appname_service_1 bash

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