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Composer PHP version part 2

As outlined in an earlier article composer php version, when installing the latest version of Drupal the Plesk version and the server version can be different.  In plesk, the version of PHP is 7.3.18, whereas, on the Centos server a check through Terminal (php -v) shows PHP 7.1.33 (cli).

When attempting to install Drupal 9 through composer, the following errors will be shown:

composer php version

Updating Drupal from 8.7.10 to 8.8.x or 8.9.x has seen a significant change as it has now moved into 9.x.  It has integrated more with composer, and you can be caught by fatal errors occurring during the update process.  One of these errors for me was the php version.  

composer memory_limit

A recent attempt to run an update composer (regular activity for many of us), I had a memory limit issue.  This was surprising because the memory setting via Plesk is set to 2G.  Yet through Terminal it was showing only 128MB.  What gives??  

The error I was seeing:

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