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How to update installed Python packages

You can use the pip list --outdated command to view a list of installed Python packages that have newer versions available. This command will show you which packages are outdated and can be updated to the latest versions.

Here's how you can use it

keytool error: keystore password was incorrect

The "keystore password was incorrect" error in keytool indicates that the password you provided when trying to access or modify a keystore is incorrect. To resolve this issue, you can follow these steps:


Verify the Correct Password

Double-check that you are entering the correct password for the keystore. Passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure that the case of the characters in the password matches the one you used when creating or modifying the keystore.

Python absolute or relative path

The os.makedirs(directory_path) function in Python can be used with both absolute and relative paths. Whether you should use an absolute or relative path depends on your specific use case and the location where you want to create the directory:


Absolute Path

Use an absolute path when you want to specify the exact location in the file system, starting from the root directory (e.g., /path/to/new/directory).

Move a file from one directory to another in Python

You can move a file from one directory to another in Python using the shutil module.  The shutil module provides functions to perform various file operations, including moving files.  How you can move a file from one directory to another:

Using OpenAI to summarise PDF

To use OpenAI to summarise text from a PDF using Python 3.11.6, you'll first need to extract the text from the PDF and then send it to the OpenAI API for summarisation.





pip install python-dotenv langchain openai tiktoken pypdf pymupdf



The current code is on my Summaries GitHub page.

How to add an environment variable in Ubuntu

To set an environment variable on Ubuntu, can be achieved via a few options.  This depends on whether you want the variable to be system-wide or specific to a user's session.  Here are a couple of more common methods for setting environment variables:

Run Python within a Lando environment

To begin, note that Lando is often used for web development and it may not be optimised for running long-running Python scripts or applications.  It's primarily designed to host web services, so if you have specific Python development requirements, you might want to consider using a dedicated Python development environment or container.  However, Lando can be useful for running Python scripts in the context of web development projects.

Managing VS Code extensions via terminal

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) allows you to manage extensions using the VS Code Command Line Interface (CLI) called code. With the code CLI, you can install, list, uninstall, and manage extensions from the command line.  

To check you have the code prompt running, run

code --version

Response you're looking for is

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