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mysql dump FLUSH TABLES access denied

I've recently upgraded the server Ubuntu 20.04 updating the PHP version from 7.4 to 8.1.  However, when I've attempted to export the MySQL database using the command

drush sql-dump --extra-dump=--no-tablespaces --result-file=../sql/db-2023-02-25.sql

I seeing the following response

Create a Ubuntu backup shell script

An approach to generating a backup server is using a shell script.  A script can define directories to backup, and pass those directories as arguments to the tar utility, which creates an archive file. The archive file can then be moved or copied to another location.


Creating a bash script and executing it on OSX

Creating a bash script

Bash scripts are files containing code that tell your computer to do something.  In this instance, I want to rename a batch files in a directory.  Such as changing:

37351001 - BlueSpotted.jpg
37351008 -SpangledEmporer _ 0133A.jpg
37353003 -Black-Bream_3481 .jpg
37353004   -35 - Yellowfin.jpg

Instead having these files appear as:

OSX : Convert a putty .ppk key to a .pem file

How do you generate a .pem file from an existing .ppk key?

Is putty on your mac?

Check by running the command

puttygen -V

Which will generate a response similar to 

puttygen: Release 0.76
Build platform: 64-bit Unix
Compiler: clang 12.0.5 (clang-1205.0.22.9)
Source commit: 1fd7baa7344bb....

Don't have Putty, well easily fixed with homebrew.

npm dependencies and devDependencies

Currently I'm working through an app that has been abandoned by the developers.  The client was getting no response from the dev company, when they asked if I could have a look.  The app hadn't been updated for 18 months.  So of course, a product that hasn't been updated in that timeframe is going to have a suite of npm update issues / conflicts.


Creating then adding a key to the remote repository

In this woalk through I am going to use GitHub.  However, the steps are similar to a Bitbucket profile. 

Logged in to your GitHub account, click your profile icon, located (at the time of this writing) on the top right corner. 

Select Settings

Click SSH and GPG Keys

Click Add New SHH Key

A new page will open  requiring

  • Title
  • Key

Type a title that represents the project you are working on.

Empty a file using command

First off, this isn't the only method to achieve the outcome of emptying a file.

Using a symbol : is a shell built-in command that is essence equivalent to the true command and it can be used as a no-op (no operation).  It can be used as follows:

# : > filename.txt


# true > filename.txt


My initial file was as follows:

21548342 16 Mar 20:27 code.log

Post using the command 

Working with Lando

Changes in your .env file

Connecting your app to the new environment you need to make some tweaks in your .env file.

Change your DB_HOST to database. If you use MySQL or MariaDB Lando will create a database named laravel for you with a user laravel and the password laravel. The database section in your .env should look like this:

Mac: how to clear cache

Clear DNS Cache

The DNS (Domain Name Service) cache on your Mac helps browsers locate and connect to web addresses quickly. If your browser Safari or Chrome still fails to load websites, this can be the result of an obsolete DNS cache may be causing the issue. In this instance you want to focus clearing the cache.  Using Terminal or iTerm2 enter the following command:

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder


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