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How to Install Tika to be used for Solr Search API Attachments

Following is a series of steps to install Tika and have it running for your Solr Search API Attachments.

Java is it running on your server

To begin you must have Java installed on your server/machine.  To check if Java is installed use the command

java -version

Performing the above command will output something similar to:

How to create SOLR cores on Azure hosted SOLR service?

We are going to work through two methods of creating the SOLR cores.

Variables for reference used in this article:

{ip_address} - your server IP Address

{name} - name of the instance you are creating

{dir} - name of the instance directory you are creating


Adding Solr config zip to your remote server

Adding Solr config zip (ie. to your remote server.  In this instance I'll be adding Solr config to a AWS EC2 server.


Log in to your remote server, then as you need to work as root type:

sudo su

Go to your solr directory:

cd /var/solr/

If you don't know the location of your solr directory run:

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