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How To Install Apache Solr 8.11 on Ubuntu

In this article I'll walk through the steps I went through to install Solr on Ubuntu.


Step 1: Java

Check if Java is installed on your server:

java -version

Not there - then Java is the first step for you to set up for Solr.  JAVA SE 8 or Later is required to run Apache Solr 8.  Utilisation taking after order to check in the event that you have Java introduced as of now on your system.

Ubuntu Jetty Solr running

The following the CKAN source install docs from start to finish including solr.  At this point, the site should load but you'll get solr errors.  Make the following solr updates:

Go the the directory


Check if there is a directory jetty9.service.d.  In my situation there was, but if it doesn't exist

Adding Solr authentication to your server

Adding basic security to your server, requires altering the security.json file.  For me this file was located



Add a User or Edit a Password

The set-user command allows you to add users and change their passwords. For example, the following defines two users and their passwords:

Setting up synonyms on your Drupal site with a few errors you might experience along the way

Having Drupal Solr Search APi running, I thought adding synonyms to the mix would be a smooth process.


Install synonym module

I cam across a synonym module created by Jens Beltofte - Search API Synonym.  Working on a Drupal 9.3.x installation, this module needs to be accessed via Git Search API Synonym,

How to set Apache Solr admin password

Setting up the admin password.



1. Edit jetty.xml

To begin you are going to edit the file “server/etc/jetty.xml”.  However, if you aren't sure of the location of jetty.xml, run the command

find / -name jetty.xml -type f

For me, the output was

How To Install Apache Solr 8.11 on CentOS/RHEL 7

Looking to install Solr on your server?  Not sure if it worth the effort?  Well, Apache Solr is the open-source, popular, super fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project.  Written in Java, Solr is highly scalable, providing fault-tolerant distributed search and indexing.

Let's walk through the steps I went through to install Solr on Centos 7.


Step 1: Java

Check if Java is installed on your server:

Apache finding log4j2 version

Like many devs at the moment, looking for log4j2 on your server... how to do?

First I used the command

find / -name log4j2.xml -type f

Which in turn produced the following results





Ok, so log4j2 exists on the server the client is using... in Solr.  How about determining the version number?

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