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Discovering Drupal caches

The cache system in Drupal 9 delivers the API with the elements required for creation, storage and invalidation of cached data.  Drupal is structured so initially data is stored in the database.  Whereas, files are stored in the following directories:

Installing Varnish

Installing Varnish to increase the speed of the page load.

Install varnish using the command below

yum install varnish

Your response should look something like

Mac: how to clear cache

Clear DNS Cache

The DNS (Domain Name Service) cache on your Mac helps browsers locate and connect to web addresses quickly. If your browser Safari or Chrome still fails to load websites, this can be the result of an obsolete DNS cache may be causing the issue. In this instance you want to focus clearing the cache.  Using Terminal or iTerm2 enter the following command:

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder


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