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Xcode succeeded but nothing happens

I attempted the run command and the response I had was succeeded, but then nothing else happened!

I usually have this problem when a dependency is not updated.

The following steps usually works for me... note in bold are the Terminal commands such as (rm -rf Podfile.lock):

Cannot find '' in scope

When those simple annoyances are too frustrating!  Yes we have all been there and I was really hoping that Apple would have fixed what is obviously a bug.

iOS localization to your app

Localization is the process of showing other languages in your app and is surprisingly painless in iOS.  For most of us the base version of the app will be written in English.  Then you will localize the app to other languages.  The process of localization in this article is based on the latest Xcode which is 12.1.  One of the most challenging aspects to localization is ensuring that the app's text is translated by respective languages native speakers.

RealmSwift 10.1 framework not found realm-sync

Updating Realm and RealmSwift from 5.5.x to 10.0.0 brought in the following error 

RealmSwift 10.1: framework not found realm-sync

The greatest clue I came across to solving this issue was on the Realm GitHub issues page for realm-sync error.  However, updating Cocopods wasn't the only step required to correct this issue.  The steps I took were:

Deployment error iPhoneOS

Post the recent update to Xcode 12.x (12A7300), I found opening an app returned the following deployment error

Cannot show Automatic Strong Passwords - iCloud Keychain is disabled

[AutoFill] Cannot show Automatic Strong Passwords for app bundleID: due to error: iCloud Keychain is disabled

This error occurs when the system's user doesn't have iCloud Keychain enabled.  This will often be the case on the Simulator.  Try it on one of your devices and see what happens.  I received this message on one of my devices where iCloud Keychain is enabled:

Uploading plist data to the server using an API

I had an instance where I needed to move content from a plist to the server database.  To achieve this step, I added a few lines of code where the plist was called and added a call to the API so the data would be on the server.

The original code appeared as:

CDN error on pod update

Today while in Terminal, I ran a regular script pod update.  However, this time I received the following error

[!] CDN: trunk URL couldn't be downloaded: Response: Timeout was reached

I read on GitHub that it could be a cache issue, so I ran:

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