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Docker - creating a container / image

Create and push to Docker Hub

Creating your own custom image... you need to have a Docker ID.  Not sure, well most likely you created it to download Docker Desktop.  If you don't have one, go to Docker and sign up.

In your  text editor create a file called Dockerfile in the same directory you want to have as your local site. No extension, just Dockerfile. Paste in this code and save the file:

change - theme_get_setting() is deprecated, use theme_handler instead

If you are using theme_get_settings, such as:

$value = trim(theme_get_setting('my_setting'));

Then in your code editor you will also be seeing undefined  function 'theme_get_setting'.  This function has been deprecated for some time.


Instead, you need to use

Passing the theme.manager and theme.initialization services to theme_handler constructor as optional parameters is deprecated. These parameters are also mandatory.

Adding a progressive touch of automation to my scripts

This page will be a progressive outline of moving those regular run scripts that really need to be automated.  Or triggered by a keyword.

These scripts are rsync commands


The initial scripts

production environment

Setting up synonyms on your Drupal site with a few errors you might experience along the way

Having Drupal Solr Search APi running, I thought adding synonyms to the mix would be a smooth process.


Install synonym module

I cam across a synonym module created by Jens Beltofte - Search API Synonym.  Working on a Drupal 9.3.x installation, this module needs to be accessed via Git Search API Synonym,

Displaying a content type that has a paragraph within a paragraph in a twig file

I want to create a content type that has a paragraph.  Easy enough.

What happens when I want to extend this concept and have a paragraph within the first paragraph?  Importantly, then display the second paragraph in a twig file.

How to create a content type that holds a paragraph within a paragraph and make it display in twig files?


jquery-ui-slider-pips not loading, time to move to Svelte

Have you tried to run a composer update script that has bower-asset/jquery-ui-slider-pips set?  I have and realised that jquery-ui-slider-pips package had been removed.  So I added it back, and ran the command composer update.

How to set Apache Solr admin password

Setting up the admin password.



1. Edit jetty.xml

To begin you are going to edit the file “server/etc/jetty.xml”.  However, if you aren't sure of the location of jetty.xml, run the command

find / -name jetty.xml -type f

For me, the output was

blocking taxonomy terms from being indexed

Have you noticed through your Google account that there are items being indexed that shouldn't have been?   One for me was taxonomy terms.  Not important to be followed.

  1. Being indexed on my sitemap (do I just erase those entries on the XML file?)
  2. Being crawled (I am guessing this is with a robots.txt file though I have never created one before)
  3. Being viewed (stumbled upon) -> if this even possible to block?


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