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Adding ejabbed MYSQL schema to your database

The starting point is to read through and follow the notes outlined on the ejabberd site regarding adding database schema.  The purpose of this documentation is to clarify where the files were located for me.

The schema files can be found in ejabberd priv directory.  To find the priv directory, use the find command

find / -name priv -type d

Initially, the directory I found based on the guidelines

Installing erlang

To add Erlang repository that also includes the public key for verifying signed package, use the following shell commands:


rpm -Uvh erlang-solutions-1.0-1.noarch.rpm

Install Erland

yum install erlang

Check that Erland has been installed enter the command (case sensitive)

Adding a ssl certificate to ejabbered on apache

Adding a pem file to secure ejabbered on the server for chat connection.

Getting the pem file

I downloaded the pem file through Plesk (v17.8.11) under the SSL/TLS Certificates area.  Locate the certificate that you want to use and click the green arrow which when hovering will day download all certificate components.

ejabberd log

To access the ejabberd log files, I found them located at the following directory

cd /usr/local/var/log/ejabberd

The following files exist:

  • crash.log
  • ejabberd.log
  • error.log


Installing Erlang XMPP on Apache

I'm writing these steps primarily for myself as a reference.  However, if someone else finds them useful to great.

Adding XMPP framework to your server.  Initially I was going to add Prosody, however as I'm working off an Apache server with Centos 6.10 this quickly proved to a goal that was out of reach.  Instead, I pivoted and redirected to Erlang.  

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