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iOS localization to your app

Localization is the process of showing other languages in your app and is surprisingly painless in iOS.  For most of us the base version of the app will be written in English.  Then you will localize the app to other languages.  The process of localization in this article is based on the latest Xcode which is 12.1.  One of the most challenging aspects to localization is ensuring that the app's text is translated by respective languages native speakers.

Adding a ssl certificate to ejabbered on apache

Adding a pem file to secure ejabbered on the server for chat connection.

Getting the pem file

I downloaded the pem file through Plesk (v17.8.11) under the SSL/TLS Certificates area.  Locate the certificate that you want to use and click the green arrow which when hovering will day download all certificate components.

Creating a .pem file for push notifications

To create a .pem file, is quick once you have your .p12 certificate.  I won't go through the process regarding p12 file generation as there are many sites that outline these steps.  If you cannot find a site that outlines this make a comment below and I'll point in the right direction.

Open the terminal and go to the path where you save the apns-cert.p12. where and follow the below command to generate the .PEM file.

The command below depends on the following two elements:

Filtering an array list

I had the issue where I needed to filter an array list by a specific column.  In my instance, the column is language.  To be able to reduce the query to the language column the code required is

levels = selectedCategory?.levels.filter("language = %@", language)

Language can be any string, in this instance for me language is a two alpha character such as 'fr', 'en' or 'de'.

Further to this you can continue to chain this query through including sort as per

Font list for the iOS

A handy resource list of fonts for iOS:

iOS Font List -

LearnUI -

Carthage create a cartfile

Ha you have read it before, one of those throw away lines that is written "just create a cartfile".  So your thinking carthage update, carthage init, create a plain text document, etc... all wrong.  How do you know... when you run carthage update, you receive the following error

Get this error: "No such file in directory"

So how do you "just" create a Cartfile?

Building an app

After coding for 16 years... I have decided to have a go at building apps in iOS.  Eventually these articles will tell my story as a newbie to app development.

My initial plan is to learn completely differently to how I would normally.  I usually, read a bunch of books about the subject and jump straight in with coding.  This time I will force myself to slow down.  Watch a couple of videos and follow there steps.  Hmm, I will require patience for this!

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